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Luxury Istanbul Tours

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We participated in Istanbul built during the Ottoman Empire Private Tours. Our tour guide told us very detailed information about the history of Istanbul and ottoman. Ottoman
Bursa and Edirne state for the first time after finally Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman empire. The conquest of Istanbul in 1453, Sultan Mehmet meat and Istanbul
3. Ottoman empire and became the last capital. Sultan Mehmet was first surrounded by a huge wall around the Istanbul and Istanbul is a very sheltered
the city has become. Sultan Mehmet world's largest Orthodox church of Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque and four minarets were added here. Istanbul Hagia Sophia museum serves as the last 50 years. Hippodrome in Istanbul and has been used as this is the arena. The time of the Ottoman Empire here Germans

Sutan Ottoman Emperor Abdulhamid as a gift to get the fountain was built. There are magnificent Hippodrome Sutan of Suleyman vizier Ibrahim Pasha Mansion. This mansion is very beautiful here after the renovation and restoration serves as the Turkish Islamic museum. Here is a very nice hand-woven silk and made much greater than y carpets and rugs Turkish handicrafts are exhibited here. You just across the Turkish Islamic museum Istanbul. There are Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque of Istanbul has 6 minarets and a huge dome. If you are in a very beautiful blue mosque is decorated with blue Iznik pottery and calligraphy in the manuscript. Blue Mosque is made on behalf of Sultan Ahmet and Mehmet Sedefkar by master architect. It is located between the Blue Mosque of the bazaar.

After a very nice plane ride we reached the city of Bursa. Bursa is a city of many civilizations lived here is amazing too is special. Bursa Ottoman Empire by Sultan Osman was first established here in 1299 and became the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa city. In short, the Sultan Murad the 2nd time was the conquest of the city of Edirne and Edirne was 2 capital city of Ottoman Empire. Finally it conquering Ottoman Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Istanbul in 1453 was the 3rd and last capital of the empire. We went OldCity and historic caravanserai located on Bursa Silk Road has many historical caravanserai in the city of Bursa. In Bursa caravanserais confectionery delights are sold here is made of chestnut desserts.

scholarships are specific to the city in conjunction with Rotary kebabs and yoghurt Bursa is skender ate kebab and it was delicious. 25 minutes from the city center of Bursa private
car and then we reached the summit of Uludag Bursa with the cable car. Uludag is a very popular winter ski resort and Turkey's largest ski slope It is located here. Bursa Uludag type is used as a picnic area is. Bursa in the city built during the Ottoman Empire and many books There structures. The oldest and most beautiful time of the Ottoman empire, which made went Bursa Ulu Mosque. Bursa Ulu mosque domes and 2 of 20 There is a minaret. There Ulu Mosque in Bursa, which is a very nice water fountain made of marble fountain. In addition, a cocoon of Bursa Grand Mosque Bazaar we went.

We went to special Urgup cave hotel in Cappadocia and the hotel had a natural cave which is cool in summer and warm in winter, air conditioning system. We get up early in the morning we attended and private tours of Cappadocia. After a nice breakfast we went to the first time.This is the first and Zelve open air museum, which is very nice and very exciting it is here
We participated balloon tours. If we went to 250 meters above ground, where a large number of balloons were flying. After balloon tours cappadocia balloon flight champagne celebration and gave the document. Cappadocia cappadocia end of the fortress and this is the highest peak we went and had a very nice views of Cappadocia. Devrent Pasabag valley after valley and finally we went we went we watched the Pigeon valley and numerous birds including flight pigeon In the first place here.

During our trip to Cappadocia, which is if we went to Goreme open-air museum, and this is primarily spread over a wide area and there where many fairy chimneys and cave. people have made their religious worship and lived here. We went to church and here is hidden cave is decorated with paintings and mosaics of Jesus and Mary. We went to the town of Avanos, where the soil and water, and had made many dishes çamura tile mug Turkish handicraft works and souvenir shops. A wide variety of color patterns deeply model design made clothes for men and women mounted coat jacket are sold here. Hand-woven carpets and rugs made of pure silk and wool are sold here. Ihor to descend many stairs to go to the middle of the river flowing through the valley is a natural wonder here too there were many in the cave

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