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Bursa Tours , Trabzon Tours

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Private Istanbul Tours have attended and the first mosque in Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul Blue met with our tour guide. Our tour guide was anllat very detailed information about the cultural and historical Istanbul. Istanbul has trabzon tours experienced many civilizations. The first inhabitants of Istanbul Golden Horn in the living Bzantium. Golden horn a sheltered inner harbor. Later Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire's capital is divided into two has been istanbul. Istanbul's surroundings are very large and spacious with a very sheltered walls of a city that has been. Ranging from the old city in Istanbul Aksaray pillars adorned with a statue of a king, and there are ways. Shot on the way to a very large king had cemberlitas.

First by the Eastern Roman Emperor Kosntant made ​​the Hippodrome Istanbul is the most beautiful place. Gladiator Hippodrome horse racing and many displays of war were held here. 2 obelisk brought from Egypt and this was used as an arena. After my Hipposro in 531 by Justinian king of the city of Istanbul is the most beautiful from every point seems to be at the top. Hagia Sophia was built as the world's largest Orthodox church and this conquest was istanbul Sultan Mehmet in 1453 and was translated
bursa tours into this mosque and 4 minarets added. Hagia Sophia museum serves as the last 50 years.

We have time at night after a bus ride from the old city Istanbuler first Canakkale. Canakkale bay consists of a two-storey house in the old city. Canakkale old city sea giitik boutique hotel with views. The hotel had a very large spacious room. We got up early and all the first morning we have breakfast with organic and natural. In the early morning tour we met our guide tours through the hotel lobby and we attended private Troy. We went to the first sculpture by the sea at Troy. In 2002, starring Brad pitt troy horse used in the film sculptures are exhibited in Canakkale city park. Then we went and this serves as Troy caravanserai renovations after Aras Bazaar. Turkey had particularly handicrafts and souvenir shops selling works. Men and women clothes made of leather. We have approximately the Troy Museum with the private car for 1 hour. Troy made kazışar in the museum and tomb sculptures goods are exhibited here. Troy outdoor müzesiçok widespread and maintained çokmu major excavation and restoration work since 1980. The time of the ancient city of Troy is a city made a real Greek and Roman empires. Numerous magazines and books and documentaries that have been stored in the first sculpture at the ileum Hemeros described in the epic Troy soldiers enters the door of the castle and secretly become Tarf winning the war on Troy. In the last layer composed of 9 layers of Troy made a very beautiful building is to troy There was the Temple, King's Road, which was very spacious bğüyük adorned with the statues and pillars. 10,000 people had made very beautiful stonework and the theater show and had a very nice room with a capacity of sound, light and acoustic system here. A region that is protected by an ancient city of Troy and uneso very special

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